WP 7: Innovation and Industrial engagement

Work package led by INFN


WP 7 - Innovation and Industrial engagement [led by INFN]- will be responsible for all the aspects related to Technology Transfer including the promotion of innovative technologies inside the ET project, the proper management of the intellectual property, and establishing the liaisons with industry to maximize the industrial returns.

M. Morandin (INFN) and R. van der Meer (NIKHEF) act as co-coordinators of WP7 in this proposal.


  • D7.1 Innovation Plan (M12)
  • D7.2 Report on industry engagement plan execution (M42)
  • D7.3 Model for pursuing in ET a balanced industrial return (M33)
  • D7.4 Report on TT and Intellectual property management in ET (M44)

Mauro Morandin

Istituto Nazionale Di Fisica Nucleare (INFN)


Rob van der Meer