WP 5: Project Office and Engineering Department

Work package led by CNRS


WP5 - Project Office and Engineering Department [led by CNRS]- has the mission to establish the ET RI Project Office and the corresponding Engineering Department. The role of this WP is to set-up a project management environment for the ET construction project.

This environment will be supported by consultative and executive bodies equipped with means to monitor, control, coordinate and report on the technical design, the engineering, the technical specifications, the risks, the budget and the schedule.

These activities are project-wide and make use of methodologies and tools which are the same across the whole of the ET construction project.

C. Olivetto (SACLAY), P. Werneke (NIKHEF) and A. Variola (INFN) act as co-coordinators of WP5 in this proposal.


  • D5.1 Structure and the mandate of the Project Office. (M25)
  • D5.2 Functionalities required from the tools in support of the project management. (M25)
  • D5.3 Structure and the mandate of the Engineering Department. (M25)
  • D5.4 Functional Engineering Department. (M28)
  • D5.5 Functional Project Office. (M28)

Christian Olivetto

Université Paris-Saclay


Patrick Werneke



Alessandro Variola

Istituto Nazionale Di Fisica Nucleare (INFN)