WP 4: Site Preparation

Work package led by NIKHEF


WP4 - Site Preparation [led by NIKHEF]- is responsible for collecting and processing, from each potential site, all the required information necessary for site qualification. This includes site specific characteristics that might impact the ET scientific performance, socio-economic impacts, legal implications, and civil engineering costs.

The information will be treated in a coherent and transparent manner, with the aim of facilitating a site selection process in a timescale consistent with ET anticipated schedule.

D. D’Urso (University of Sassari & INFN) and W. Walk (NIKHEF) act as co-coordinators of WP4 in this proposal.


  • D4.1 Scan of legal procedures, permitting and land acquisitions. (M10)
  • D4.2 Updated socio-economic impact studies. (M15)
  • D4.3 Complete quantification of all the aspects impacting the ET performance. (M28)
  • D4.4 3D geology, hydrology, etc. model with detailed localisation of the ET infrastructure. (M29)
  • D4.5 Updated cost and schedule estimates of the excavations (D42)

Domenico D'Urso

University of Sassari & INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Sud


Wim Walk