WP 2: Organization, Governance and Legal Aspects

Work package led by NIKHEF


WP2 - ET Organization, Governance and Legal Aspects [led by NIKHEF]- has the mandate to put the foundations for establishing the internal organization model and the governance of the ET RI, including the framework related to the definition of ET as a legal entity, and to facilitate the geographic enlargement of the ET consortium.

WP2 will contribute to the political convergence across stakeholders on critical decisions affecting the main aspects of the research infrastructure like, for example, the final ET RI layout, site selection, total cost, etc. In addition, WP2 has the mandate to define the formal connections with other GW observatories and scientific communities.

J. O’Byrne (STFC UKRI), F. Ferroni (INFN) and M. E.H. Roelofs (NIKHEF) act as co-coordinators of WP2 in this proposal.


  • D2.1 Report providing options for legal entity (M11);
  • D2.2 Minutes of meetings with EC and involved ministries (M11);
  • D2.3 Legal entity statutes (M36);
  • D2.4 Roadmap to establish the legal entity and its implementation ready for approval by (proto Council) and/or Ministries (M47).

Fernando Ferroni

Istituto Nazionale Di Fisica Nucleare (INFN)


Justin O’Byrne

United Kingdom Research And Innovation (UKRI)


Miriam E.H. Roelofs