Event: XIII Einstein Telescope Symposium

The XIII symposium of the Einstein Telescope (ET) will be held in Cagliari, at the THotel from May 8th to May 12th 2023. A video (Zoom) link will be provided to allow remote attendance.

The Symposium will be organized in parallel sessions, hosting workshops managed by the ET specific boards (EIB, ISB, OSB and SPB), and a plenary sessions to have a global view of all the activities on going.

Along the week several lectures on the physics of ET will be organized with the support of the OSB for PhD students and young researchers.

At the XII ET Symposium the ET scientific community in Budapest formally established the birth of the ET Collaboration. After 1 year of activities the ET Collaboration may count more then 1300 members, organized in 80 Research Units, affiliated to 202 institutions distributed over 23 countries and applications for new RUs keep coming. On September 1st 2022 started the INFRA-DEV Horizon EU project (ET-PP) and consistent National funds are currently supporting ET activities (R&D and site characterization).

In this crucial phase the ET Collaboration is strongly committed to define details of detector configuration, the e-infrastructure and user services needed, to qualify the candidate sites and to better understand achievable physics goals.